Energy efficiency resources and FAQs

Burke Energy provides a wide range of articles and how-to guides focused on energy efficiency, going green, and environmental protection. We cover everything from basic guides on terminology and how energy efficient different systems are, to more complex articles that will show you DIY tips and choices to help you go green. It is essential to stay informed when it comes to all of the appliances and systems in your home, so we’ve made it easy to find the information you’re looking for should any problems arise. Staying on top of your own home maintenance can save you an incredible amount of time and money.

Want to save on air conditioning costs? Switch to a new, energy-efficient AC system.

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Keep your cool by managing annual energy costs with SmartPay

Now you can spread your heating costs throughout the year, just like your mor... Read full story ›

Be Smart and Don't Get Heated about Energy Costs this Winter!

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Your kids can help you save energy, too!

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Stay comfortable and save in every season with our home comfort services checklist.

As your home comfort services and energy savings partner, we want to share so... Read full story ›

Are you being efficient with your energy efficiency?

Making the right decisions about how to save energy can have a big impact on ... Read full story ›

Spring & Summer Energy Saving Tips

We all need air conditioning to stay comfortable during the soaring temperatu... Read full story ›

Energy Tips To Help You Save Energy & Money

Just by following some of these simple tips and rules of thumb, anyone can sa... Read full story ›

Saving Energy In The Fall & Winter

Use these tips to help you make a big difference in your energy savings durin... Read full story ›

How to read the Energy Star Label

There are many resources available to help you recognize the advantages of en... Read full story ›

Heating Options to Help You Go Green.

If you want to make your life a little ‘greener’, save some green by being mo... Read full story ›

Why You Need to Winterize Your Home

Freezing temps and major storms have the potential to cause serious, and cost... Read full story ›

Chill out about energy costs this summer and save!

We’re sharing our cool AC checklist with you, because as your year-round, tot... Read full story ›

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