Home heating oil resources and FAQs

Our informative how-to guides and educational resources are designed to help you stayed informed on all issues regarding heating oil in your home. Before you call a professional, take a look at some of these home heating oil resources to see if you can get your questions answered without having to spend a dime. We have everything from very basic guides defining some of the key terminology around oil heat appliances and services, to more in-depth articles to help you identify issues and diagnose problems before you call a professional. In the world of home maintenance, knowledge is power. The more you know about how your home operates, the more money and time you can save on house calls and replacements. If you're looking for a home heating oil prices, equipment or delivery, discover Burke Energy's comprehensive heating oil services.

Smart ways to make your home stay warmer this winter.

When temperatures drop during the winter months, heating costs rise because y... Read full story ›

Turn up your heating system now, so you're ready when the temps drop later.

Many people only think about switching on their heating system when they real... Read full story ›

Get the facts on how your home’s oil heat system works.

Your oil-fired heating system is one of the most important items of equipmen... Read full story ›

10 smart ways to save on heating bills this winter.

Don’t get hot and bothered about heating costs this winter. Use these 10 smar... Read full story ›

Why does your boiler or furnace need an annual tune-up?

Every year, dust, dirt, and other particulates that effect performance and ef... Read full story ›

Keep your cool by managing annual energy costs with SmartPay

Now you can spread your heating costs throughout the year, just like your mor... Read full story ›

We're the name you can trust to help you manage your heating oil costs this winter.

Energy costs are on everyone's mind this winter. That's why we want to share ... Read full story ›

Heating Options to Help You Go Green.

If you want to make your life a little ‘greener’, save some green by being mo... Read full story ›

Why You Need to Winterize Your Home

Freezing temps and major storms have the potential to cause serious, and cost... Read full story ›

Home Heating Safety Tips

During December, January and February, everyone relies heavily on their heati... Read full story ›

Why is Summer the perfect time to schedule your heating system tune-up?

There are lots of great reasons to get a heating system tune-up when it’s war... Read full story ›

Tips for Troubleshooting Your Furnace

We’ve all been in this situation at some point. it’s the first cold day of th... Read full story ›

What Is Oil?

Oil is the remains of ancient plants and animals, compressed deep in the eart... Read full story ›

Oil Heat - What You Need To Know

Today's heating oil is biodegradable and 95% cleaner than ever before! As tha... Read full story ›

Everything you need to know about heating oil

When we were younger, teachers and parents used to tell us we were never too ... Read full story ›

Home Heating Oil - it is a great value!

Oil prices are continuing to be volatile and we know that’s challenging for y... Read full story ›

Choosing the right oil company - A bargain isn't always the best choice.

Oil is one of the leading fuels that millions of homeowners use to keep their... Read full story ›

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