Heating oil pricing plan and SmartPay budget plan.


Heating Oil Pricing Plans to Suit Your Needs. Looking for a better way to save money on heating oil? We’ve got the pricing plans to help you do it! Simply choose which plan suits your family and your home the best. And don’t worry about a sign-up fee, there isn’t one!


Manage your home heating oil prices with our variable or ceiling pricing plans!

Variable heating oil pricing plan

  • Rate fluctuates based on market conditions
  • No price protection costs
  • No termination fees 

Ceiling heating oil pricing plan

  • Puts a limit, or “ceiling”, on how high your oil prices can go.
  • Price trends up or down based on market conditions, but never exceeds the “ceiling” price.
  • Requires a one year commitment
  • Cost is protected by Burke Energy, so we assume the risk.
  • If an account is terminated prior to the contract expiration date, there is an early termination fee ($399).


Our SmartPay budget plan spreads your heating oil, and any service plan costs, throughout the year, as you make monthly installment payments rather than paying larger amounts during higher use months. Your monthly payment is calculated based on a quick analysis of your annual heating oil usage*. There are no enrollment fees, and monthly payments can be automatically deducted from your checking account for convenience!

Learn more about our SmartPay budget plan 

*Settlement of accounts occurs annually and payments may be adjusted (up or down) based on your balance.

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