Propane and natural gas powered standby generators.

Homeowners inspecting their new generator with Burke Energy tech

Having a backup generator is essential for staying safe and making sure that life goes on as normal during power outages caused by downed wires or major storms. In fact, the extreme weather of recent years highlights that having a standby generator really is a necessity for any home, from keeping food from spoiling to making sure that any critical medical devices remain powered up.

Think you don’t need a standby generator? Think again. Here’s why:

  • 3.5 million people experience a power outage each week.
  • You can lose over $200 in food due to spoilage from powerless freezers and refrigerators.
  • Basement flooding due to unpowered sump pumps can cost over $20,000 in repair and replacements costs.
  • It can cost over $150 a night to stay at a hotel for you and your family.

As your local home service experts, you can trust us for all of your standby generator needs. Our partnership with Briggs & Stratton enables us to provide you with generator options utilizing the latest technology to keep your power on, including:

  • Natural gas and propane powered whole house standby generators that feature automatic transfer switches to turn power on as soon as your utility's power goes off
  • Expert insight to help you choose which generator best fits your budget, home and particular needs with attractive financing for qualified customers*
  • Professional, certified technicians to take care of all of your generator tune ups, repairs and service needs, anytime you need them, 24/7, whatever the weather, every day of the year.

Briggs and Stratton generators.

We have all the whole house standby generator systems that you need. With ground-breaking technology we have generators for every budget and can assist you in choosing the best option for your home. Our partnership with Briggs and Stratton enables us to offer you the best systems with the most options.

Contact us today to learn more about our generator options at 877.359.8781!

12kW Generator

Our new 12kW Generator will give you peace of mind knowing that if the power goes out, your lights will still be on.

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20kW Generator

Our new 20kW generator is our smartest generator yet. Find out more information.

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Financing options

Burke Energy offers a variety of equipment financing options, including $0 down and low monthly payments for qualified customers.

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Generator videos.


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