What you need to know about the MPO-IQ.

We are delighted to offer the newly designed Burnham MPO-IQ with the Burnham IQ Oil Boiler Control System, a high-efficiency oil-fired heating boiler rated among the best for versatility, ease of installation and least likely to need maintenance.

Overview – key features

  • High Efficiency 87% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)
  • 3-pass Cast Iron Sectional Design
  • Built-in Return Water Temperature Protection
  • Natural Draft Oil Boiler
  • Five Sizes Available, from 0.60-1.65 GPH
  • Direct Vent Option Kit
  • Easy Installation/Servicing through Reversible Swing Door with no Target Wall/Blanket Required
  • Five Sizes Available, .60-1.65 GPH
  • Multiple Burner Options
  • Rated a Consumers Digest “Best Buy”

Pricing and services.

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To maintain the longevity of your home heating system, service is key. Burke Energy’s technicians are all licensed and bonded, and are available to help whenever you need them, 24/7. Our technicians and local customer service team are prepared for any job, from installations of new equipment to tune-ups for existing equipment.

All MPO model furnaces come with a limited lifetime warranty plus 1-year parts and labor.

Service tips

  • Have furnace nozzle cleaned regularly
  • Pump should be serviced for draining
  • Clean chimney base connected to the furnace
  • Ask about equipment upgrade programs
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